Maxlink is a network searching algorithm that was first described in the article "Network-based Identification of Novel Cancer Genes" [Östlund:2010].

Version 2.0 - The current version implements the original searching algorithm on the network FunCoup 3.0.


Query network

This parameter defines which species network will be searched.

The default setting is “human”. Other options are:

Confidence threshold

The confidence threshold is probabilistic confidence score that ranges from 0 to 1 and is calculated from the final Bayesian score (FBS) representing the amount of support the data shows for a link in the FunCoup network. Please read more about this here.

The default setting is Confidence threshold = 0.8 (FBS = 8), meaning that only links with the probability of higher than or equal to 0.8 will be considered.

Hypergeometric cutoff

A hypergeometric test is performed on each candidate gene. Comparing the number of links it has to the query set with the number of links it has overall. The hypergeometric cutoff sets the highest hypergeometric probability that will be accepted in the resulting gene list. The default is 0.1.

To use the application

  1. Input a list of Ensemble gene identifiers (e.g. ensg00000185627) separated by line breaks into the Find genes text box

  2. Choose the appropriate parameters

  3. Press the “submit” button

The result will be displayed as a list of genes sorted based on their connectivity to the query list (MaxLink score). Follow the supplied link to visualize the resulting genes in the context of the searched FounCoup network.